Shipping & Logistics

"Choosing the best delivery option is completely dependent on your unique circumstances"

Shipping & LogiSticS ASSiStAnce

To ensure that your cargo will arrive on time and undamaged with a competitive freight cost, it is critical to consider the transportation options available. Sea freight as a shipping method is most commonly used, but air, courier or even post are also options to be considered.

Choosing the best delivery option is completely dependent on your unique circumstances and we will guide you the various logistics options and documentation process that each shipping option requires.

Relying on a manufacturer or supplier to provide service within their specific trade is generally a safe bet. However, allowing your factory to arrange your logistics can easily risky. Logistics is a specialized area requiring current knowledge of the constant regulation changes both in China and in your country of destination. Almost anyone can claim to have connections of trade services, but unfortunately it can result in a supply chain disaster. We give our clients a personalized service with upto-date procedures of both import and export of goods world wide.

Procurement of existing China Product

We ArrAnge ALL export documentAtion And cuStomS cLeArAnce requirementS

The necessary export documents and process’s vary from product to product, category to category and country to country. We will navigate you through the many layers of regulations concerning your specific product, to ensure your goods will arrive to you on time with no unwanted surprises.

secure best payment terms and value for money

door 2-door deLivery of your conSignment if required

Shipping charges can make up a substantial percentage of the total cost of your project, but in many cases time is more crucial than cost. Our door 2-door delivery services will save you a lot of time by letting us handle all the arrangements with our preferred shipping and delivery service partners. Once your cargo has arrived at its destination we will handle the supply chain management for you, and ensure the arrival of your goods goes smoothly and efficiently.

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