Conflict mediation

"If you don't know the language and don't understand the cultural differences, you're going to encounter major problems, and run a high risk of failure"

Creative SolutionS

There can be great benefits when doing business in China but there are also risks to be considered. Conflicts are rare but they do arise from time to time.

In some instances the conflict could be a late delivery date, in other cases it might be a price increase due to unexpected circumstances such as high waste in production or additional man hours that were not anticipated.

There are cultural and social differences that may occur and the government has its regulations and controls how business should be conducted. Furthermore, most Chinese are not proficient in English which can lead to misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict.

Should a conflict arise we frst make a proactive problem analysis of the issue and work as a mediator between the two parties. Every instance is different and conflicts are typically handled on a case by case basis. In our experience and more often than not there will be an equitable compromise or a mutually acceptable resolution that can be arrived at between the two parties.


Supplier liaiSon

The China business environment is complex. A few mistakes in production or a simple miscommunication can cause serious problems and delays which in turn will cost a lot of money. We believe that an agent's duty and responsibility is to proactively identify possible issues before they occur and find the right people, information or resources to provide a solution to what you need in any given moment.

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